St Anne’s School

St. Anne’s C.E. (Aided) Primary School is located next to the Church and enjoys the benefits that a pleasant site and proximity bring.

It has anexcellent reputation in the area based on its high standards and expectations. Attainment has traditionally been very high. An inspection in May 2009 said

“The curriculum has some very special qualities; it is creative and innovative and designed very effectively to develop pupil’s thinking skills. There is a strong focus on learning in a cross-curricular way that makes topics exciting and challenging. As a result, pupils enjoy their work very much, taking great pride in all that the school provides.”

The Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools report in 2009 commented on “the highly effective and productive links between church and school”. It said: “This is an exceptionally caring school that has the Christian faith at its centre. Worship is at the heart of this school community. The effectiveness of religious Education is outstanding.”

Please contact the Headteacher Mrs. Clare Middleton or the School Secretary on 473223.