Christianity Youth – CY

Christianity Youth – One Life, What’s it all about?

Christianity is pretty simple. It’s all about one life, the life of Jesus, and it can be summed up in five pictures.

  1. Who is Jesus?
  2. Why did Jesus come? To be rejected.
  3. Why did Jesus come? To be killed.
  4. Why did Jesus come? To rise again.
  5. What does it mean for us?

The Christianity Youth course is for children and younger teens and gives time and space to think through who Jesus is and why it matters in terms that young adults will relate to.

Each week on the course, there are various games, exercises, group chat and time for reflection around the basics of the Christian faith. Everyone attending is given a booklet to take away and complete each week to help with their further understanding of what they have learnt that week.

There is no pressure at the end of the course to make any kind of decision about Jesus or their life but the course aims to help you understand more about what Christianity is and what it may mean to you in your life. This may lead to baptism, first communion or confirmation but all of this will be discussed with the young people and their carers/parents with no pressure to do anything else afterwards/

Our next course will be running in early 2024 and more details will follow shortly . If you would like more information then please contact Rev Dave either by email or mobile 07858 144733