St. Anne's is a warm, friendly, family orientated, busy, growing church for all ages

What's on at St. Anne's

Carols By Candlelight
Sunday 17th Dec 18:30pm
St Anne's Church, Worksop

Come and join us for our traditional service of carols and readings followed by mulled wine and mince pies.

All are very welcome to join us.

Family Nativity Service
Sunday 17th Dec 10:15am
St Anne's Church, Worksop

Come and join us as we remember the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. Everyone is encouraged to come dressed as a character from the story, there will be costumes available at church on the day, we’ll sing carols, join in the story and have lots of fun together. All welcome

Midnight Holy Communion
Sunday 24th Dec 23:30pm
St Anne's Church, Worksop

Our traditional midnight service including the first communion of Christmas.

All are welcome to join us.

Christmas Day Celebration
Monday 25th Dec 10:00am
St Anne's Church, Worksop


Come and join us on Christmas Day as we celebrate Jesus birthday. Wear a Christmas jumper and bring an unwrapped present to unwrap together in the service.

All are very welcome.

Christmas Eve Nativity Crib Service
Sunday 24th Dec 16:00pm
St Anne's Church, Worksop

Come and join us this Christmas Eve for our new family and all-age service for our Posada nativity. Everyone welcome, especially the children, to dress as their favourite Christmas character from the nativity. From Shepherd to Magi, from Joseph and Mary to Inn Keeper or Angel, from star to sheep, all are welcome as we retell the Christmas story. Carols, worship and lots of fun for everyone as we remember Jesus the Light of the World.


Christmas Bubble Praise Party
Saturday 9th Dec 16:00pm
St Anne's Church, Worksop

We’re so excited to be welcoming Doug Horley this December for a very special Christmas Praise Party and Nativity. Well known as a Children’s Christian leader, having written songs such as Wonderful Lord, Great Great Brill Brill and of course, one of our favourites, Be Happy, we can’t wait for him to bring his wonderfully fun Praise Party full with songs, puppets and thousands of bubbles!

Smoke filled bubbles, soaring helium filled bubbles, bubble sculptures, bubbles in bubbles and even children in bubbles! A spectacular praise party that families will absolutely love.

Bookings will soon open with a family ticket for up to two adults and up to three children in the same family at £20 a ticket.

Alpha Courses
Saturday 7th Jan 16:30pm
St Anne's Church, Worksop

Curious about faith?

Join a series of group conversations that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith in an open, friendly environment.

At each Alpha session, you’ll be hosted in a small group and watch an episode on a different question of faith – then you have a chance to share your thoughts and hear what others think. You can say anything you like, or nothing at all.

Everyone’s welcome. You’re invited, no matter your background or beliefs. It’s free and there’s no pressure to come back.

Great food and time together, watch a video and a chat about what we’ve seen and the questions it throws up. The course runs for 11 weeks. Choose a day and come every week. If you might miss a week join one of the other sessions to stay up to date that week.

3 Sessions to choose from:

Sundays 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Mondays 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Thursdays 12noon – 2.00pm


Every Thursday evening for Y7+ from 7pm

All courses start w/c 7th January 2024, 8th January 2024 and 11th January 2024

For more information contact Rev Dave on 07858 144733. You can either book in by calling or text or just turn up to the first session.

Christingle Service
Sunday 3rd Dec 10:15am
St Anne's Church, Worksop

Join us for our Christingle service where we make a Christingle and share Jesus light to all the world.

About St. Anne's

The thought of coming to church can feel more than a little daunting. You will probably have a number of questions and reasons why it’s not a good idea.  We have highlighted some common reasons why people worry about attending, and tried to provide some reassurance that it might be better than you fear!
1.    “I won’t know what to do”
Nor do we sometimes (you should see Rev Dave at times!), but we’ll help you and not try to catch you out. And anyway, who cares if someone sits down when everyone else is standing up! This is about worship not rules.

2.    “I don’t know anybody”
That’ll last until you walk through the door – there’s always a welcoming face on the door and ready to say ‘Hi!’  We’re just the same as you – local people from in and around the area – and cannibalism died out round here a few years back .

3.    “Ten years ago, someone at a church somewhere was really awful to me”
That’s really bad, and we’re sorry you experienced that.  We’re Christians, yes, and we try our best, but like everyone else we sometimes make mistakes and would love for you to come and give us a chance to make that up to you.

4.    “My kids will be too noisy”
Great; we love noisy children: each one created uniquely in the image of God.  And anyway, Rev Dave is really noisy too – and they give him a microphone!

5.    “I can’t come to Church until I get my life together”
Church is HOW we get our life together;  a place for new beginnings and a place for belonging.

6.    “Church is filled with a bunch of Hypocrites”
CORRECT! See point 3,  and there’s plenty of room for more – imperfect people are especially welcome.

7.    “Is there some kind of Dress Code?”
YES.  Come as you are and wear what you want but PLEASE wear something! Rev Dave is mostly in a pair of jeans – until they make him wear a cassock (that’s religious speak for dress!)

8.    “I’m not sure I believe everything you believe”
Absolutely FINE!  But you can still belong and be part of a group of people journeying together to learn how to love God and each other.  Doubters are always very welcome and sincere questions are never wrong.

9.    “If you knew me, and what I’ve done, you wouldn’t want me”
See point 3 – If you knew us, and what we’ve done, you wouldn’t be worried.  Forgiveness is at the heart of the Christian message – and what we remember at Easter is, that no matter what, we are all forgiven children of God. It’s OK to not be OK.

10.    “I’m not Church of England”
SO?  We might have a few funny quirks and ways of doing things but we believe that church is not about a religion – it’s about relationship: relationship with God and relationship with each other.

There are probably other reasons too but maybe now is the time to have another think about why you might not come to church and come and give us a chance to maybe change your view. We’re looking forward to meeting you soon!

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